3D Real Estate Photography

3D Real Estate Photography has been reinvented. 3D photography or stereoscopic photography is the art of capturing and displaying two slightly offset photographs to create three dimensional images. This complex art is still used by photographers to create pieces of art but it’s not what 3D real estate photographers use to create 3D virtual tours. We use cutting edge technology, Matterport 3D cameras, to create true 3D virtual tours. These camera have 9 lenses and spin on a tripod scanning each location automatically. The captured images pass through 2 software processes to be compiled into a virtual room similar to that you would find in a 3D video game only from real images instead of artists renditions.

The viewer can change perspectives in three ways. She can change her angle of vision up, down, left, right all around. She can click on another location in the room to get a different point of view and see more details or behind furniture etc. And she can click out of the room through any doorway into an adjoining room. There will be several locations to choose from in each room to choose from. See an example of 3D Real Estate Photography here.

This is very different from 360 degree panoramic photography which is photographed with a regular professional camera. Those images are taken manually one at a time and then all compiled by the photographer manually (using software) into a 360 degree collage. It’s much more labor intensive and produces an inferior result. In this case there aren’t multiple locations every 8-10 feet where the viewer can step to get a different perspective. There is just one or sometimes two locations in a room and usually the viewer can only move through the house from room to room in the way preset by the real estate photographer and not choose to go through a different doorway into a different room than prescribed. But most importantly the images are two dimensional and lack the three dimensional perspective.

Video virtual tours are another type of virtual tour which consists of a video walk through of the house. In this case the viewer has the option to pause, stop, play, fast forward, and rewind the video but may not change locations, perspectives, or direction and these videos are two dimensional and lack three dimensional perspectives.