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Gainesville FL Real Estate Photographer now provides true 3D Real Estate Photography producing true 3D virtual tours (3D Showcases) of homes and buildings that are easily navigated from any web browser for remote immersive exploring of interiors. Excelsior Imaging is a Real Estate Photographer serving the Gainesville FL area specializing in 3D Real Estate Photography and 3D Virtual Tours. We provide real estate agents and others selling and leasing real estate 3D Virtual Tours so they can provide prospective buyers or renters an opportunity to fully explore properties remotely in the comfort of their homes or offices from anywhere in the world. Prospects can weed out unsuitable properties remotely and only visit the ones that really suit their needs. Any property with a 3D Virtual Tour will pique and hold the interest of prospects much more than real estate that only has pictures. Its like comparing properties with pictures to those without pictures. Real estate photographers offering 3D virtual tours are benefiting the real estate market another way. That is, 3D virtual tours have the added benefit of current occupants only being inconvenienced for in person viewings by prospects that have pre-qualified their property. Many properties will rent to out-of-towners by 3D virtual touring only. Sometimes apartments can’t be shown while occupied but rent by 3D virtual tours before they can be shown in person. Above is an example of a 3D virtual tour. We are members of the Professional Photographers Association and we are Matterport Service Providers.

3D Real Estate Photographers


In a study conducted by, they uncovered that listings with virtual tours and quality photos sold up to 5 times faster.

3D Real Estate Photography

MORE SHOWINGS! also stated that listings with a virtual tour and quality photos had a click through rate of 72% to schedule a showing.

3D Real Estate Photographer


We don’t need a study by to tell us that more showings leads to more sales; we know it does. Especially when those are second showings, the first being an online 3D Showcase.

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Once you experience and can demonstrate that your total packing including you and your 3D showcases gets more viewings and more closing you will get more listings by referral.

Real Estate Photographers offering true 3D Virtual Tours, not 360 degree panoramic photography


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